Creatine – Goods And Bads

Creatine is an ultimate supplement that helps to build large muscles and produces high intensity to perform more sets during workout. Many bodybuilders and athlets think that creatine induces more side effects. The thought is nearly false and is the result of misunderstanding the concepts of creatine.

Why To Use Creatine

Creatine is a chemical compund found naturally in human body. It is extracted from beef. It helps bodybuilders and athlets to increae their intensity levels and helps to work more with less energy. Creatine improves glucose metabolism, which is important to have high energy. One more thing we all to know is that when we do workouts our mind and body must be focused on workout alone. Creatine achieves this when taken as pre-workout supplement. It helps you to focus on only workout and makes you to do more reps.

Usually, athletics use this before two to three days of competition. This will increase your stamina and energy and you can perform workouts and practices up to peak level. It eventually increases aerobic performance and reduces the time taken for recovery of muscles. So, you can do workouts more often and beat your old routines.

How It Works

It retains more water in muscles, so you need to drink lot of water in order to make your muscles look bigger.
The water is an essential for muscles and body for high intensity.

Minor Side Effects And Cons

If you do not drink plenty of water means, there is a chance to get kidney problems. Many bodybuilders reported this, but not officially conformed. The great con is that when you stop workout, the muscles will loose all its bulk and came to normal level.
So, you must maintain your muscles by doing workout everyday. You can not use this as other protein supplements. It must be taken in defined manner only.However, following the guidelines will help you to get most benefits of Creatine. One supplement which also increase muscle growth is Fitmonk whey protein.

Basics of Bodybuilding

It takes a lot of efforts for one to attain both attractive and fit body through body building exercise. Some people take bodybuilding as a career while others do it for fun. Whichever the reason, there are some basics tips that will help you achieve the lean muscles that you desire:

Focus on different muscles. Make sure that you exercise different muscles when working out. Do not only focus on the chest, triceps and biceps and forget the leg muscles. Make sure you work out all the muscles so as to have uniform muscle growth. For a healthy workout, split your time well and exercise different muscles within given time frames.

Take the right diet. Taking the right diet is essential for muscle gain. Ideally, a body builder should take 5 to 6 meals a day divided into small portions. The meal should be made up of carbohydrates like potatoes and brown bread which provides the energy needed, it should also contain proteins like fish, chicken and tuna for muscle growth and vegetables which are rich in oils. Taking meals with great nutritional value will ensure that you have a healthy body fit to experience muscle growth.

Stick to the routine. Many people are not consistent in exercising and thus never get the desired results. For a beginner, you can start with simple exercises which will not hurt your muscles and then intensify as time goes by. For weight lifting, start with small weights and add more weight as your muscles grow and are able to hold more. During the weightlifting sessions, there should be simple exercises like rope skipping and breaks in between to help the muscles recover.

It is evident that for one to be a successful body builder exercise one should focus on different muscles, take a healthy diet and be consistent in the workouts. Learn more about fitness, workout, diet, supplements with Jesse Hanley.

Easy and Cheap Ways to Get Fit and Healthy

There are a lot of easy and cheap ways to get healthy and fit. But there are some of our best and the most suggested ones that you’ll find truly and entirely enjoyable while breaking some sweat. So take your pens and pads, here are some of our easy and cheap ways to get fit and healthy!

foodiesnotfatties fitness and health

1. Take a hike – if you are working on a city or simply have your job focusing on computers and stuffs that terribly needs too much attention and detail, you needs a break. Take a walk outside the city park or take your dog for a walk. Walking is the best form of exercise they say, and it’s true. So take a fifteen to thirty minute walk outside or within your neighborhood.

2. Bring in Healthy Snacks – having a small picnic in a beautiful view or spot after a long walk or jog will definitely reward yourself. You can prepare fresh vegetable salads and fruits a night before your planned or scheduled workout routine.

3. Bring Along Your Friends – the more the merrier. You can bring along your friends in taking long walks, having a trek using or riding mountain bikes. Enjoy trailing and hiking in the wood. Kind of a simple form of exercise but makes you forget that you are already burning unwanted calories and fats by doing it. And the big plus, you enjoy each other’s company.

4. Juice Up – there is nothing more better than naturally prepared fruit juice. The natural, the better. Avoid relying on those manufactured fruit juice powders. They are packed with excessive amounts of chemicals and preservatives.

Those are just one of the pretty simple things that you can use in getting fit and healthy. Enjoy!